Dennis Harris


  • Qualification and experience

I hold a Masters’ Degree in Astronomy. I have retired from my careers in Australia's Foreign Service and as an IT Manager and Strategist. I am now a full time, largely unpaid, musician.

  • Music:  Piano and Organ

I love to play for sing-a-longs with music from the 20s to the 90s.  I have the words of many songs on a "bouncing ball" like presentation - something like live karaoke.  I believe I was the first to try something like this during the early 1980's.

My special delight since 2003 onwards has been to accompany a wonderful group of people who sing as a choir at my church - the diocesan cathedral for Broken Bay in the northern suburbs of Sydney.  They have done so much for my music and re-kindled interest in music for people to enjoy both in their religion and at other times.  The choir loves to perform for weddings and other functions.

From this association, we created Club Musika to facilitate performance for amateur musicians, especially singers. The Hornsby RSL supported Club Musika financially for four years and two groups have emerged with longer term prospects, including SaM, but several of our performers benefited in developing already prodigeous talent and confidence, and this especially applies to me.

I have worked and played music in Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Iran, Greece, China, Cyprus, Thailand, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, USA, Australia, New Zealand. Malaysia is my most visited and favourite country outside Australia.

  • Other Interests

I love horse racing and would follow it every day if I could.  This hobby is not funding my retirement.

I have a 15 cm Newtonian telescope in my back yard with no computer attachments.  I have learned to find anything in the sky visible under Sydney's sky conditions (down to magnitude 8), but I am not much into cold, late nights in the wilderness so I think about the BIG questions.  A book on these subjects has been imminent for the last 20 years.

I have spent many hours producing SaM's first CD using Cubase software. Now, the second CD, which has taken thousands of hours work, is finished.  My life partner, Janet, will tell you about all this work if you ask her.