SaM CD: "Beginning"

Bird on the wire.mp3

 Leonard Cohen:  Sonya

Can't Help Loving that Man of Mine.mp3

 Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein : Sonya

Fly me to the moon.mp3

 Bart Howard : Sonya

Four feet in the water.mp3

 Dennis Harris, Sonya Doyle, Marian Landers : Duet

I've got you under my skin.mp3

 Cole Porter : Duet


 Milt Gabler, Bert Kaempfert : Duet

It's Delovely.mp3

 Cole Porter : Marian

Lover man.mp3

 Roger Ramirez, Jimmy Davis, Jimmy Sherman : Sonya

Mean to me.mp3

 Fred Ahlert, Ray Turk : Sonya

My Favourite things.mp3

 Richard Rogers : Marian

Night and Day.mp3

 Cole Porter : Marian

One for my Baby.mp3

 Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer : Marian

The Nearness Of You.mp3

 Ned Wahington, Hoagy Carmichael : Marian

The Bird In The Hand.mp3

 Dennis Harris, Sonya Doyle, Marian Landers : Duet


 Irving Gordon : Sonya

The Rythm Of Love.mp3

 Dennis Harris, Sonya Doyle, Marian Landers : Duet

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