SaM Repertoire

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Our Comfort Zone

In The Background

At The Church

The download contains all of the music that SaM has performed over the years.  It is never up to date as we are always trying new songs, and of course we don't perform all of them frequently, but with enough notice, we can play any of these songs for you.

We will not take on gigs that are not suitable to our music.  Please look at the following comments before deciding to book SaM

We love up-beat jazz standards.  You might say we are a trad-jazz group that sings.  There is much "old-time" music - all time favourites - in our best sets, but we also perform many contemporary songs especially when we can come up with a jazz feel for them.

But nothing beats some good old Rock 'n' Roll and blues when the mood of the audience is right.

Our music is perfect for home concerts, wedding anniversaries, middle to later year birthdays, markets, festivals and restaurants (with a bit of space).

We enjoy playing background music when you just want a good sound, good feeling and good music.  We play the softer jazz standards, blues and love songs including songs of the last couple of decades in a way that your conversation is not disturbed but when you have nothing to say, you can listen and enjoy.  Of course, after dinner, we can revert to our comfort zone.

We are experienced at music for religious ceremonies, especially funerals, weddings and special Masses.  We can then apply our comfort zone music to your after party, wedding dinner or the wake.