SaM Concerts

SaM Concerts are ideal fund raisers.  See the clips on the home page taken from our concerts at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (2017 and 2018) to get the general feel of our concerts.  Generally aimed at an audience made up of baby Boomers and their older children, SaM Concerts are up-beat, nostalgic and can include music from 60s tot he 80s in the third hour of a three hour concert.  Our two hour package concentrates on the music of the earlier 20th century years.  The great songs of jazz, pop, sing-along and dance, with a little gospel and tradition thrown in.  See the run sheet for our 2018 Fringe concerts below.

Our usual business proposal for a fund raising event is that SaM is paid a fixed fee determined by location, access, length of the concert and similar considerations, and we provide the sound equipment, instruments, set up, pull down and management.  We are fully insured.  The client provides the venue, advertising, marketing, ticket sales, house management, catering and manages the opening and closing, security, RSA and safety requirements.  We can work with a local MC or do it ourselves (with some briefing to help us relate to the audience).  A 4 hour dinner / dance / concert in Sydney in a venue which is easy to access for equipment mightcost the client approximately $750 to $1000, assuming a successful event. Of course, if we incur travel costs, we can negotiate a fee, and we will not allow price to spoil a good gig. 

In Adelaide, our tickets sold at $25.  In one venue, food and drink was sold separately (and BYO was allowed); and the other venue included drinks and snacks in the price.  We find that typically 100 - 150 people attend such events.

If you are interested, contact Dennis initially 0419 209 272 or via the contact form on the Home Page

You might also think of SaM for a back yard concert.  Bring the street or the family together with a couple of hours of music by SaM. 

Christmas in July:  SaM has a considerable repertoire of Christmas music - invite us to your Christmas In July event.  Christmas Music Clip